1. When is the Sixth Annual Kurdish Youth Festival?
    Due to the current ongoing crisis in Kurdistan, the 2015 festival has been postponed to an undetermined date. Please stay tuned for updates.
  2. Where will the festival take place?
    The location of the festival will be announced when the new date has been officially determined.
  3. Do I have to register?
    Absolutely. All attendees must register when the festival dates are announced.
  4. Which airport is the closest to the festival venue?
    To be determined.
  5. Are there different rooms to choose from?
    To be determined.
  6. How much do the tickets cost?
    Tickets for the festival are $30. This covers admission to all three days of events.
  7. How do I donate?
    Donations can be made securely through Paypal by simply clicking the “donate” icon located on the homepage.
  8. Are there any volunteer opportunities?
    YES! The most impressive aspect of the Kurdish Youth Festival is that it is entirely run by volunteers! This means we are always excited to see new faces join our efforts. We have met dedicated and enthusiastic youth every year. We promise the experience will be educational, and it will develop many professional skills to take with you. Contact us!
  9. How do I apply to the KYF essay contest?
    Applying to the KYF essay contest is easy, just visit the Essay Contest page and carefully read the instructions and eligibility criteria. The details of the contest will be announced along with deadlines.
  10. I have talents I want to display. How do I apply to Kurds Got Talent?
    The KGT is one of our favorites. Applying takes 2 minutes! Please wait for details to be announced for the next festival.
  11. Can I sell my art at the festival?
    Yes, you can sell two art pieces at our auction. You can submit your pieces here! Please wait for details to be announced for the next festival.
  12. How can I help?
    You can help by spreading the word, donating, or most importantly, attending! Also refer to question 8!