Welcome to the Kurdish Youth Festival! For the fifth year in a row, the Kurdish Youth Festival is bringing together a diverse group of people from all over the United States for a three-day long event filled with culture, education, and social activities. Of course, it would not be a Kurdish festival without a big party to practice your helperke skills!

What's new this year?
Our Kurds Got Talent competition will have a special twist. This year it will be focused on a talent that Kurds are inherently born with: Dance. Kurds Got Talent's Dancing with the Kurds will allow you to compete for prizes with other attendees for the best Kurdish dance performance. And for your intellectual side, the festival will give you a chance to interact with scholars and journalists to discuss the latest happenings in Kurdistan and will provide you an opportunity to get you more in touch and personal with Kurdish organizations across North America. This year's festival also includes a special feature inviting you to network with professionals from a number of industries, whether you are still trying to discover your career aspirations, or simply want to know how to get your dream job.

While you count down the days, check back from time to time to see the updated list of the marvelous program we are putting together. We really hope to see you there, so please take the time to register in order for us to best accommodate you (psssst, you will get a bonus for advanced registration!). So come over, make new friends, absorb the culture, and have a blast!

Essay Contest

While we aim to develop our community, we do not lose sight of what's really important: you, the individual. We would like to give you a helping hand with your education, and see you reach your highest potential.

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Kurds got talent? Yes they do! Previous attendees have competed in categories such as visual arts, film and video, poetry and spoken word, and of course singing and musical performances. Apply for Kurds Got Talent or the Art Auction!

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Sponsors are the ones who help make this extraordinary event possible. Become part of a truly remarkable movement by adding your name to a long list of companies, organizations, and individual sponsors.

What People Are Saying

Very supportive & amazed by @KurdFestivalUSA works and the hard work the committee does. Wish you the best of luck with #4KYF.

Chopy Fatah, Singer

Not only will I get to meet so many of my fellow Kurds, but I will also have the opportunity to be a part of a movement that will empower our generation and inspire creativity.

Sazan Barzani, Host & Model

Fastlink wishes everyone at the 2014 Kurdish Youth Festival a great time and will leave you with food for thought: For more than a decade, Kurdistan has been without widely available broadband, but now Fastlink’s 4G LTE service can contribute to rejoining the global community.

Ardalan Othman, CEO of Fastlink


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